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stay with me - sam smith

i’m baaaack :)

Stephanie Ciotta

—Deserve Better

Wrote this little tune in about 5 minutes. Not intended to be a full song, but thought I’d share it to cheer all y’all sad folk up :)


—Reindeers Are Better Than People - FROZEN

Just goofing around with this tonight and decided to record a live version through GarageBand— video and better quality video to follow! :)


New original song + video out! Let me know what you think! Xxxxx

"I Still Like You (If You Like Me, Too)

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Stephanie Ciotta

—"I Still Like You (If You Like Me, Too)" PREVIEW

Woohoo, here’s a preview of a new original song I’m posting a video for MAYBE tonight/tomorrow. Stay tuned! :) xxxxx

"I Still Like You (If You Like Me, Too)"

NEW COVER!! Check it out and share with everyone you know haaa

Royals | Lorde

Stephanie Ciotta

—Royals (PREVIEW)

Staying up all night to edit this bad boy before I head up to Providence for the weekend! Full version coming within the next couple hours. x

Stephanie Ciotta

—Let Her Go (preview)

Let Her Go - Passenger

Just a little preview. One of the many songs I’m debating on doing a full version of soon! :3

Stephanie Ciotta


Messin’ around with this song for the night! Perhaps a real cover to come soon!